Live Via Fiber Optic

Doral Studios production house video content is designed and equipped with online video editor for live broadcasting via Satellite, fiber optic or streaming.


Decades of experience in the market put us on top. Digital Video Production in High Definition. Concept, Script, Voice-Over, 2D/3D Animation, Post-production, and distribution.

Live Streaming

Transmission of live adaptive multi-platform. Fiber Optic connection to transmit live video in 4K on the internet.

Voice Over

We have different personnel in our list of talents ready to do voice over for different genres.


Editing video in HD Format using the latest software to ensure client satisfaction.

Graphic Design

2D and 3D! Our graphic design department provides and supports the client’s vision in a creative manner.

Media Buying

We have a handful of fantastic broadcast partners that can deliver the audience you require with more than 30 years of experience in Direct Response Marketing.


1200 Sq. Ft. Studio completely equipped with Multi HD Cameras, Props/Sets, 30 ft wide, Green Screen, White Cyclorama, Jib, Telex Communications, IFB, Teleprompters, master control Make-up Room, Conference Room.

Web Development

Solutions for complete web development including but not limited to graphic designs, development, applications, social media, web video, optimization (SEO), branding, etc.

Creative Content Delivery

We manage your media content and connect to the world industries.

Media Transfer

Media production and edit, Cock ID’S – ISCI, Creative Review, Copy, Transfer of All media in all SD and HD Creative Formats. (D2C Specialist).